TUNE into FS1 right now

Nothing quite like a lazy Sunday afternoon turned into late night worth of watching fringe sports and the US Masters World Series of Darts checks all the boxes.

  1. The sport is seemingly easy enough to where you think you could be in this competition after an hour of practice. CHECK
  2. The absurd PA announcer with an accent whose able to energize the crowd into a frenzy.  CHECK


  3. The announcer comfortably calling the game with a straight face not acknowledging the ridiculous circumstances.  This also comes along with bringing an “expert strategist” former champion as color commentator and responsible to teach audience strategy, a sideline reporter who doesn’t understand what is occurring at all and crazy fan groups who groupie under names such as “barney’s army”.  CHECK
  4. Competitors of all shapes and sizes that you couldn’t peg as people who belong on a cable sports network, with nicknames like “Iceman”.


  5. A free car giveaway. CHECK

I only have two problems with the Darts championship, I don’t know if this would affect the gameplay but having professionals use the 20 pointer for a straightaway seems too easy.  Seeing the players drink from a pitcher of ice water doesn’t feel right.  A bar game like darts should not let the competitors drink anything weaker than a Bud Light.


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