Spiderman: Homecoming Review

As we now have the dog days of baseball staring us in the face until the September playoff push, it is a great time to watch some movies and consume a whole medium popcorn while watching.

The new spiderman is one of those movies that is no exception for an enjoyable summer movie.  While I may be in the minority in not being a fan of Spiderman throughout the Rainey trilogy, the 2017 version blows the previous incarnations for away for me.  We finally see a Peter Parker movie that

  1. Is truly a movie about a high school Peter Parker.  Tom Holland best captures the sense of the plight of a high schooler living the double identity of a super hero.  Holland gives that sense of the teenager who thinks he is ready to do all the things someone like Iron Man does but shows how he still is growing and has tendencies to make foolish mistakes .spiderman standing
  2. Is laugh out loud funny, Ned, one of Peter’s few friends from the school, stole the show for me.  One moment in particular, anyone who has seen it will know, had the audience in my theater in hysterics.  ned plus peter
  3. Has a villain that doesn’t have an evil laugh with a plan to destroy the world with nuclear codes, yet we see someone who has a code and is just looking out to help his family after he had been put in a bad spot by the circumstances surrounding him.  At times you almost begin to side with Michael Keaton’s portrayal.  vulture
  4. Isn’t a movie bogged down by romance and damsels in distress.  While Peter Parker does have a romantic counterpart, it is just a fun teenage dynamic of who is taking to the homecoming dance played out.  It was minor enough that it didn’t take away from the rest of the film and would probably be the C story point.
  5. Is part of something larger.  While this may be a negative for people who are not fans or up to date with the larger Marvel cinematic universe, I loved it.  I am a huge fan of everything they have put out and I almost always enjoy what I see.  Having a movie so interwoven into the rest made it fun for me. While you see the appearance of Tony Stark, he has a minor role and you can definitely say it is a Spiderman film.  However this film has me pumped about the future of the Marvel Universe with upcoming Thor, Black Panther and a massive Avengers film on the horizon.the-avengers-infinity-war.jpg

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